Thursday, February 01, 2007

North Pole Marathon - I need your help (not money)

North Pole Marathon: I need your help (words not money)!

Hello folks. I have been notified and have now entered a contest to win entry to a marathon around the North Pole. The short story: Someone paid the $10,000 entry fee to run the race, then backed out and now is holding a contest for his spot on My name and profile are now there: . Scroll down to Benjamin Urmston! Judges pick the winner on February 15.

Here’s where the help comes in: There is a spot for comments, and the judges read and consider the comments when selecting the winner. So please comment away and help me run on the top of the world! The race is April 15, and they want someone who will write a blog, and do audio/visual reports. What could be more perfect!

Thanks to any and all who help! Winner is picked February 15!!!!

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