Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hello gang,

I have set up and am instructing a one week Outward Bound sailing course this summer, July 28-August 3, on the coast of Maine. I work at The Learning Center for the Deaf, in Framingham, MA, and when I noticed a lack of outdoor educational programs for Deaf youth, I decided to set up a course with Outward Bound, for whom I’ve been working for since 2001.

Outward Bound’s missions is ''To inspire character development and self-discovery in people of all ages and walks of life through challenge and adventure, and to impel them to achieve more than they ever thought possible, to show compassion for others and to actively engage in creating a better world."

I’ve seen the impact an Outward Bound course can have on all types of youth and I want this opportunity to be available to the Deaf youth I’ve been working with in Framingham and in other local Deaf school programs. Outward Bound has been very generous in giving every student a 50% scholarship, but at the reduced cost of $630 per student it is still too much for some to afford. We currently have six students but are required to have eight to have the program run. The students who are in need are already writing letters and doing what they can to raise the funds themselves.

If you want to help these students and Outward Bound’s Deaf programming please send what you can, no amount is too small, made out to Outward Bound, to Benjamin Urmston, 79 Hollis Street, Sherborn, MA 01770. In return for a donation you will receive a DVD of our course and a letter describing the highlights of our course. Thank you for your support and for helping these kids to be OUTWARD BOUND!!!!