Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Treasure cay to marsh harbor

hello gang, sailed down to marsh harbor on great abaco island from treaure cay. we've had wonderful weather, good sailing and a "norther" (cold front) coming our way. we purchased a wind generator and mounted it on our mizzen mast, so we're now somewhat independent of our engine and making power when ever the winds are blowing. we're trying to get to another good spot for snorkling and surfing and going to wait out the big winds in marsh harbor. huge thanks go out to my outward bound friends, shane and ladleah, who've been down here many times. they gave us tons of info on the big crossing of the gulf stream and all about different wind generators and much info about the bahamas in general. we were much better off with their help. well that's all for now, we're getting ready to start christmas carolling to the other boats in the harbor. adios, ben

Saturday, December 11, 2004


hello all, this'll be a short one. we're safe and sound, crossed the gulf stream with no problems, but caught no fish. have had wonderful snorkling, lots of barracuda, eaten conch, and other fish, many tasty lobster. are now in green turtle cay heading south in a day or two. things are going very well, and we're having fun finally made it out of the intercoastal waterway. internet is very pricy so i must be going. hope the christmas time is going well. ben