Saturday, June 24, 2017



Waking up.
I am home now, and things feel strange.  I’m in clean clothes, have showered, gone to the grocery store.  Unpacked.  I don’t like it much, though I will adapt.  I did not like unpacking Freddy.  It was like he was saying, “Hey, what’s going on?!”  And I had to say, “Sorry, buddy, I don’t have limitless aviation budget.”  He understood and said, “Sure was a good trip, though!”  And I said, “Worth every penny!” 

And of course it was.  When I compare aviation to other passions of mine, it is indeed more expensive.  But the opportunity that it allows is incredible.  And so the plane that I got for six grand and keep alive on a teacher’s salary is worth holding onto.  To soar among the clouds, to be in the brotherhood of all who take machines into the air, to be able to look up at the clouds and sky and think, I’ve spent a lot of time up there.  It’s a different sort of existence once I knew how to fly.  Sort of like someone who’s walked on the moon is forever changed in that they can look up at the moon we all see, but they see the one they walked on, the one they’ve been to.  If I’m not going to the moon, at least I’ve been amongst the clouds. 


  1. Hello Mr. Ben.
    I write from Nigeria [And oh, I do NOT want to give you millions of dollars! �� ]
    I read your article on one of my most favourite publications: Popular Science, and while it is painful for me that [For NOW!] your dreams are yet to come true, I encourage you NOT to give up…
    Your love for flying is so infectious! And Freddy is a BEAUT! I plan to follow your adventures from now on.
    Do you have concerns with possible accidents and/ or failures while doing these long flights? I wish you could afford a NEW plane [Don’t let Freddy hear me! Ssssshhhhh!] with those new-fangled parachute recovery equipment – “Cirrus” they are called, I believe? Or at least ensure you learn to parachute, and carry a parachute each time you fly [You could smuggle the ‘chute aboard inside a blanket or something, so Freddy won’t know! LOL!].
    I have had a dream myself, of being able to fabricate technical things, I have the skills and luckily, I have been able to afford to set up a reasonably well stocked and equipped workshop. I do Electrical fabrications, general repairs [I just this afternoon fixed my son’s Study Table with a new top. And I am modifying a mirror to use as a blind-spot mirror for my FJ Cruiser truck.] I also do some very basic gun-smithing [Perfectly SAFE of course: check out my posts as “Y-man” on The [], and check out some of my YouTube videos here:
    I love to dabble in Wood work, some plumbing, some mechanical work [No Mechanic station for this man for things like Oil Change, fixing a new horn, making sure that water doesn’t collect inside the rear blinker… Stuff like that…]
    Well, here is wishing you the very best, I hope to continue to read your posts, and I am sure that the Popular Science publication will give your blog the BUMP it deserves!

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement! It sounds like you're busy yourself doing some cool things! I love Freddy and there are not many planes one can sleep in! Cool blog, and glad you liked the article. Be well!