Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comment/Subscription Clarification

Hello!  To readers who would like to leave comments, my mother suggested I make some clarifications.  If you have subscribed (through the window on the top right to get an email each time I post something new) you cannot reply to that email to leave a comment.  I will not get the message.  
If you want to respond, you can click on the blue link at the top of your email - that will take you to the blog.  Then you can scroll down to the bottom and there is a place to read and write comments at the very bottom.  Or you can always feel free to email me directly.  

But to be clear, if you respond to the automated email, I will NOT get your message.  If you want it public, go to the blog and type in your comment at the bottom.  If you want your comment private, email me directly! 

And if you want to subscribe, you type in your email address to the window in the top right, then you'll get an email asking you to confirm you want to subscribe and a link to click on to verify it's really you.   I know many people have put in their address to subscribe but have never verified themselves.  YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE AT ANY TIME.  I'll be writing a bunch over the summer with some flying and sailing and otherwise, so do as you chose.  The whole point of the blog is to not overwhelm overflowing email inboxes.  

As always, thanks as always for reading, and thank you Mom!

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