Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hawaii. Back in the states. Flew into Honolulu, checked out the Pearl Harbor memorial sights and then started driving around with another Ice friend, Andrea, who I randomly met in the Sydney airport, to discover we were both headed to Honolulu. Cancelling my rented car, we started the drive around the island in her rental car. O'ahu is a beautiful island and we enjoyed our driving and little side hikes. I camped that night and then I hit the surf in the morning for a few hours before my flight to Maui. It was fun, there were lots of surfers, and thankfully, I managed to stay out of their way.

Then onto Maui, were I spent the first night in a campsite on Haleakala, halfway to the summit. It was a beautiful twilight drive up to the camp. The bright stars were out and as I drove up the mountain, I slowly climbed above the hanging clouds. It was magnificent.

The next morning I awoke at 4am to catch the light changing before the sunrise. It was again, spectacular. After the sunrise, I hiked around in the crater for a few hours, before heading down to the coast to do the famous "drive to hana" and just past it to where I spent my second and last night in Maui. The drive was excellent, and I had to pull over many times to take pictures.


Hawaii was an unexpected beauty. I wish I had had more time to explore. So it goes, I hope to return, perhaps on the backside of another trip to the ice...

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