Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TV, Food, Work and Play

Many questions to answer this evening. First, the other half of the room. See below. For any of you who watched our home television (perhaps our first color tv) from around 1985 - 2000, you'll be happy to know we have nearly the same model (though this one still has the volume lever so I can adjust it with my finger instead of reaching in with my finger nail. The tv scrolls McMurdo weather, some news networks, and some movies. It is all part of some armed forces television network. I don't watch it much, though I do like seeing the ESPN top ten sport highlights of the week.

Moving right along. What and where do I eat. Why in the "galley" of course. Just like a ship. Not to shabby. Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat with raisons, a few oranges, orange juice, some melon if it's available and of course, my staple, hot water for breakfast. Lunch is a deli sandwich made to order like at subway, and dinner is a standard buffett style with vegitarian options, which I often partake in. The fruit comes and goes, with bannanas being the hottest fruit commodity.

Now back to the work. Below you will see a fine entrance way to one of the dorms. It was a team effort, and I finished it off. Shovelling the dorms is a typical assignment. Other jobs have included organizing the Search And Resuce locker as well as the Field Safety and Training Program outdoor lockers. I am now known to some of my fellow GAs as something along the lines of "knot tier and efficient organizer." I'm really finding my niche.

New extracurriculars...peer counsling meeting on friday, ham radio meeting on sunday, going to one of Robert Scott's hut at Cape Evans on Sunday as well. This is the one he never made it back to. Soccer and dodgeball leagues are about to start. I am also on a list to help out scientists if they need it but so far, I've not been on any seal studying ventures. In fact I haven't seen an animal since I've been here. Soon, hopefully.

Lots of people here, waiting to get a flight to the pole. They can't land the plane if it's below -50 degrees there and for the last number of day, it's been colder. Our GA supervisor told us this morning that two of us (it wasn't me) are first in line for a south pole rotation of GA's. No garantee that I'll eventually make the rotation, but I hope to.

That's all from "Mac Town". If anyone wants to leave a comment, they can do so by clicking the mail sybol at the bottom of the post. I'll do my best to answer any questions. Thanks!

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