Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Road Flagging

The days job was to flag some roads near Happy Camper School. So out onto the shelf ice three of us GA's went to drill some holes and plant some flags. It took most of the day and I flet like an explorer planting the stars and stripes at the south pole or some newly discovered mountain. However the flags were green and there were south poles and mountain peaks every 75 feet. It was fun to be out there on our own. For safety sake we were required to check out and then check back in over the VHF radio, so for any of you that are concerned, "Mac Ops", short for McMurdo Operations, knew where we were, how many of us were there, what vehicle we were driving, and when we were expecting to return. Safety systems are everywhere here so we are well taken care of.

The day before was a spectacularly clear day, and gave us a great unrestricted view of the Royal Society Mountains across the sea ice to the west. Absolutely beautiful.

Hope you are all well.

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  1. Looks lonely out there. Court