Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Ready to Fly East

I've had a wonderful time here in Lander, WY.  I have done the refresher course for my WEMT, recertified my CPR, sutured a dead pig's foot, practiced intubating a mannequin, became known as "Ice-man Ben" to a group of fifth graders in Victor, Idaho, seen some wonderful friends, and made some wonderful new friends.  It has been wonderful to be near the mountains.  

Please excuse the poor stitching.  We did not have the right gauge so things slipped a bit.
Now Freddy is all packed to head east before the rain, and maybe snow, hit Wyoming.  I am eager to hop back in the pilot seat.  I love that seat, the smell of the plane, it makes my blood move a little faster, and makes me smile and sometimes laugh.  

From the Buick courtesy car to Freddy.
A beautiful evening!  Excited for tomorrow!
I'm hoping to get back in fewer than 5 days, and plan an early start for Wednesday, hoping for three flights before the sun goes down.  Trying to get a gauge on the weather and see which way the systems are moving.  I look forward to being back in the air, interacting with the weather.  

Here's a quote I've been thinking of a lot lately.  It was read to me on one of the first days of my student NOLS course.  To the East!

Security and luxury shield us from life.  You never see the sky until you’ve looked up at the stars for safety.  You never feel the air unless you’ve ben shaken by it’s storms.  You can never understand the ocean uyntil you’ve been alone in its solitude.  To appreciate fully, you must have intercourse with the elements themselves…Know their whims, their beauty, their dangers.  Then every tissue of your being sees and feels, and body, mind, spirit become one with the Earth. 
- Charles Lindberg

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