Saturday, December 01, 2012

Scott's Hut at Cape Evans

On Thanksgiving, I went with some of the shop snow mobile mechanics to Cape Evans from which Robert Scott launched his ill-fated trip to the geographic South Pole.  I hadn't been there since 2006 and it was fantastic to see it again after seeing Shackleton's hut earlier the same month.  We had a wonderful ride out to the hut on a glorious Thanksgiving and stopped to explore some Erebus Ice Tongue caves.  The ice under the glacier was wild and I felt like I was about to see Luke Skywalker hanging from the ceiling.  I'll let the pictures say the rest.

This thing fascinated me to now end.  Imagining the slow creep of the glacier overhead slowly deforming this icicle into a hershey's kiss.

Now into Scott's hut.

This is where Capt. Scott slept and worked.

Below is one of the pics I can recall the most.  Very crazy to stand and look at the view above as it is now.

I'd love to know the story of this dog, still chained up.
Seal blubber.

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