Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flying to Wyoming!

The flying adventure has begun again, though currently it is day 2 and Freddy (the Cessna-172, tail numbered N7202G) has a cold and so we are grounded.  Somehow between this morning's run up check in Zelienople, PA and this afternoon's run up check in Rochester, Indiana, he developed a problem with his left magneto/ignition system.  Better problems to come when on the ground!

Freddy at his home base in Norwood, MA.

So now grounded with potentially some help this early evening, from a local who's got the torque wrenches and other tools to pull and check the spark plugs.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Otherwise I may be here until Monday when the mechanics come back to work.

I left Norwood, MA yesterday (Friday) and am enroute to the NOLS Annual Faculty Summit.  Yesterday.  I had a bumpy ride yesterday morning to Sullivan County airport, in NY, but a much smoother ride in the afternoon into Pennsylvania.

Freddy in Zelionople, PA.
I arrived and in PA and skateboarded up to a few airport folks who were soon amused by my story of being from near Boston and my plans to sleep in the plane.  As usual the small airport hospitality was forthcoming and was offered keys to a truck and an inside spot to sleep in.  So I spent the evening skateboarding around the airport, then going for a run and then planning today's proposed flight to Madison, Wisconsin.

My spot for the night.

An even smoother ride was had this morning, cruising at 6,500 feet with a max speed of 132 mph!  Stopped for lunch, fuel and to get a weather update when Fred said he's didn't feel like going.

Now I've made some friends, have a courtesy car at my disposal, to compliment my bike and skateboard, and am waiting to see if I will get some help from a local guy named Ted.  Talking to the guy at the pilot shop here, he commented, "A real adventure, huh!"  I said, "Yep!"

Flying out to a NOLS Faculty Summit the things we as NOLS instructors teach are in my mind.  Pack-packing has become airplane packing.  Tolerance for Adversity and Uncertainty for things mechanical issues join TOA for weather delays.  The list goes on.  Expeditionary skills for the wilderness of the sky!

So now we wait!

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