Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shackleton's Cape Royd

Out to Cape Royds a week and a half ago.  This is where Shackleton had his hut more than 100 years ago.  Craziness!  It was a beautiful day and as we flew over the peninsula, we could see Castle Rock in front of Mt. Erebus, both frequently mentioned in the writings of the explorers who were here around the turn of the last century.

Big Razorback Island.  Another one mentioned in the old books.
 The inverter and charger were set in a box for the winter outside.  Snow finds a way through any hole and our box was no exception.  We had to set the thing by the heater to melt out all the snow - making sure none to the electronics were going to short out when we turned everything on. 

The inverter and charger and such are somewhere buried in this box.  Snow always finds a way in...

The science hut (with panels on the left!)
 Otherwise a routine day.  Panels got mounted, batteries tested and connected to each other, inverter and charger checked and tested, and the system is ready for scientists!  It is amazing to be where Shackleton and all his men had been.  Such history! 

Shackleton's hut!

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