Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Harbor and Lake Hoare

The camp at New Harbor
The summer season has begun, and there is science to be had, samples to be taken, and thankfully for me, computers, cameras and ipods to be charged by sun and wind.  Across McMurdo Sound and into the Dry Valleys we went a week ago to set up the renewable energy before the scientists get there.  The camps have various combinations of wind and solar power and we went to the camps to check and hook up the batteries, reinstall the solar panels, check the chargers and inverters, attach the small wind turbine blades and then verify everything is working properly.

Where the scientists live, eat and sleep.
The generator shack next to the solar panels and "wind-bird."

 After our few hour stay at New Harbor it was time to go to Lake Hoare, perhaps the largest of all the Dry Valley camps.  One morning while I was reading a National Geographic, I had a sudden feeling that I was IN a National Geographic.  It naturally made me smile as I have always loved those magazines that were stacked on our cellar stairs for so many years.  Such treasures they are!   

The camp at Lake Hoare.
A science Jamesway.

The camp at the lower right.  Not a bad place to spend a summer.

The inverters and chargers.
Batteries for the camp.

And if we're lucky and things are working, there might be a little time to go for a hike!

Next to the Canada Glacier above Lake Hoare.

Lake Hoare is an amazing place.  Nestled into the side of a mountain, a huge glacier 100 meters away, on a lake, with solar power, radio communication, even a phone that works off a radio.  Sort of like a Mars research station.  I loved it.  Was only allotted one night so sadly we returned to McMurdo the following morning. 

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