Sunday, September 04, 2011

Week one.

The Sun almost visible above McMurdo's horizon.
The sun is above the horizon now for almost 8 hours now, (growing by about 15 minutes a day) yet I have yet to see it as there are mountains to the north.  Any day now, the sun should hit the station at around noon, through a saddle on the flanks of Mt. Erebus.  The dusk and dawn light is wonderful.  That has long been my favorite part of the day and it is wonderful to have it last so long.  At night the stars are wonderful and I eagerly await the auroras, ever hopeful there will be clear weather if they come. 

I'm enjoying my Sunday, my one day off, which included a treadmill run (too windy outside), Sunday Brunch, some time at the ham radio shack, some emails and such.  Very nice to wake up this morning to the slowly growing light instead of the blinding light of the summer. 

The HAM radio shack.

Looking out over town on the way back from the shack.  The big blue building is where the galley is.
It got a bit colder today.  Down to -20C (-4F) with windchills of -33C (-27F), so I've got my goggles as I walk around town.  I almost shaved my face after the relatively warm temps -10C or so of the last week, but after today, I think I'll keep the beard coming.  I was issued a carheart jacket with a snap on hood.  When I put up the hood, and the googles, I have the strange sensation that, in fact, I am Han Solo on the planet Hoth.  If only I had a Ton Ton to ride...

The HAM radio antenna.

We've been working hard on our South Pole power station and now we are also getting some small power stations for small science groups together.   The first few days here were stormy.  When it cleared up, I could feel my mood improve.  I realized how I look fowrad to seeing the sun after not actually seeing it for a week, and then I think of the winter-over folks who have not seen it in many, many months!  The sun brings health and energy to us humans, especially when we are alternative energy specialists!  We cannot test our panels until we have sunlight.  So I feel very connected to the sun these days.  And throughout the day, I watch the moon do a circle above us, neither rising or setting, just circling us like the sun will do by mid october.  My best to all of you!

Making the roads out the Sea Ice runway.

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