Sunday, October 25, 2009

Downeast Maine!

A 28-day sailing course taking me my co-instructor 100 miles "downeast" almost to the Canadian border! I'd done the legs of the journey to and from fabled Cross Island but never the round trip, and never as Captain of the ship. So finally after too many years of putting it off, I got the course!

The course was wonderful. 300 miles were made over the course of 28 days. It was wonderful to be back in a pulling boat and really go on an expedition. No circles, no futsing around, just getting ourselves through the fog and rain and wind to Cross Island and then back.

My partner in crime: Dr. Ice (aka D. Rice)

Mistake Island!

The view from Cross Island: an array of 26 radio towers used to communicate with underwater submarines. Fascinating!


  1. Good work Ben. Sounded like an awesome trip. We'll have to get together some day and trade stories, maybe trade some sailing lessons for some sea kayak lessons =). Keep in touch.

  2. Good work Ben. The trip sounds awesome. I look forward to exchanging stories some day, and perhaps some sailing lessons for some sea kayak lessons. Take care and keep in touch!
    - becky peace