Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back in Town

Back in town. Had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner. All the normal things, and very good it was considering where we are. Earlier in the day was the Turkey Trot 5k race. It was lots of fun, and I somehow managed to come in 2nd, passing a few folks on the last hill.

My dodgeball team folded in my absence but has since risen from the dead to be 2-0 in the post-taylor dome era. One more game then the post season starts. And I now have video footage of our games. Outside of regulation games, we experimented by throwing with only our weak arms and then another game where the thrower had to spin three times before throwing. Very entertaining.

I made the SAR team and had an all day practice last week of "Industrial Crevasse Rescue"- everything done with a 10:1 safety factor. I suppose we must be prepared to haul out a snow machine or a litter (stretcher) with a patient and an attendant with it. Very interesting, it was.

Today, I went on a tour of the pressure ridges - where the sea ice meets the shelf ice. The sea ice hasn't gone out in seven years and each year the formations grow and become more pronounced. It was very neat to be among the twisted and jagged pressure ridges.

Later this week, I'm scheduled to go to Lake Bonney, in the dry valleys, to help a scientist for a week. People tell me I am very lucky to get an assignment like this. Needless to say, I am very excited to continue my exploration of the continent.

Sunday today. So nice to have a day off. Brunch with the HAM radio guys, like every Sunday. We're still trying to make contact with the U.S. but the eleven year sunspot cycle, on which radio propagation depends, is not too favorable right now. We shall continue to try though. Happy december to everyone at home!

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