Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taylor Dome - The Arrival

Arrived at Taylor Dome! The polar plateau! Monday, the sixth of November.

Flew on a C-130 and I thankfully mangaged to secure one of the few window seats. A window seat on a C-130 faces inwards and to look out the window one has to crane the neck around and look out of a window about half the size of a civilian plane. Nonetheless, I was not deterred and looked out, taking pictures, the whole 45 minute flight.

Upon arrival, we watched the plane take off, then went about setting up camp. We slept in a "Polar Haven" that was set up for us by the carpenters. The one on the left was the cook haven, on the right was the sleep haven.

Looking around in the -40 degree weather we could see some mountain tops 20 miles away in one direction. Other directions showed only the plateau. But I loved it. Antarctica in the raw. We had all heard the epic reports of really cold temperatures and stong winds and so when I got ready to get off the plane I had all skin totally covered and felt like Darth Vader breathing heavily through many layers of fleece not knowing what really to expect as I stepped onto the plateau and into -40 weather for the first time. I was releaved to find, after a while, that it was bearable and actually quite comfortable if there was not a strong breeze blowing.

Inside the hut:

Our first digging project:

More to come soon!

Back in McMurdo. Heading out to West Antarctic Ice Sheet this upcoming monday for three weeks! Very excited!

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