Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Isla de san andreas


we have now sailed to san andreas, another island of columbia. we left providencia at 2am and arrived at san andreas at 2pm. a good sail with a good moon to start the journey. we finished our time at providencia with a wonderful hike to what we think was the highest point of the island. it was great to be exercising for a few hours and it was great to be in the forests for a bit. great views from the top.

now in san adreas, we´re waiting for good surfing weather and to pass the time, we´ve paid 10 dollars for access to a swimming pool, a basketball court with soccer goals, a weight room, showers and the like. lots of activity.

san andreas is nice, but lacks the small island feel of providencia. there seem to be endless shops of bathing suits, shoes, electronics, and perfume. we rented scooters again and toured around the island for two hours a few days ago, going easily around the circumfrance of the island, while scouting our surfing spot. we attempted to go surfing on the south end yesterday, but the waves were big and the wind was strong. rob and i attempted anyway, but the current swept us around the point, so we had to do the long paddle to the point where we could safely get out among the sharp coral. a surfing competition had just been completed the day before and rob and i saw 6 columbians walking and pointing in the direction for us to get out. they showed up on the rocks where we were to get out and were very friendly, all there to make sure we got out okay.

that´s all the news from here. shaved my beard off to a fu man chu, long mustache thing. quite funny, i feel like i´m a bad guy from a cowboy movie. got to keep myself entertained.


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