Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Isla de providencia

hello crazy horse readers

we are now on la isla de providencia, a columbian island off the coast of nicaragua. we had a great 3 night, 3 day passage (350 miles and done with no hours put on the engine) from jamaica to hear and are having fun on the 16 km circumfrance island. we´ve been here for a few days and already have rented four scooters to tour the island in style, broke a chain off one of them on a bad section of the road, hiked up a little mountain, climbed palm trees to get coconuts which we hacked open with our rusty machete that we found a few months back, seen families of five riding down the street on motorcycles on the island there are few cars. everyone rides scooters or motorcycles. we are working on our spanish and i bought a spanish novel today and am determined to read the whole thing, doing justice to all the pain that those spanish stories that i had to read in spanish cass brought me.

caught another mahi mahi on the way down here which was delightful. very few boats here in the harbor and very few tourists here now so it is a very mellow feel, especially compared to jamaica where we were always approached to see if we wanted a taxi or illegal substances. we love being in spanish speaking country and love being near such lushious volcanic mountains. we have a few more days here and then plan to go to san andreas, fifty miles south, and then to colon, panama.


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