Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy new year in nassau

Hello gang!
we're celebreating the new year in nassau, bahamas. we sailed in from the little harbor of the abacos in strong winds, after a wonderful christmas karaoke celebreation that we were invited to by the other cruisers in marsh harbor. we sang all sorts of songs and were known as the boston boys. there was also a number of dances including the electric slide, the macarena, the chicken dance, and more. we now have some very funny video footage of it all. so now we are in nassau, spent the last bit of 2004 at the atlantis casino. i came away with 25 cents more than i went in with. having played only $1.25 in slots. chris came away with $10 having at one point been $20 up on the game where the ball goes around and then lands in a number and color. i was quite happy to leave the place although there was a great acquarium and we did see A-Rod of the yankees there, much to our excitement. then to a outside bar for wonderful fireworks and dancing, then to the junkanoo parade which started at 2am and supposedly went to 11am this morning. there were the most decorated costumes we've ever seen. thousands and thousands of people lined the streats, everyone comes out for it and they say they wait for it all year. we finally got back to the boat at 5am. we'll be here for a few more days when we'll get ted back on the boat, (he went home for the holidays) and then we'll make our way down the exuma chain...and BEYOND!! that's all for now. hope everyone's having a great start to 2005. thanks again to my friends shane and ladleah for their email and info. they run a school for people to learn these type of cruising skills in a bit more comfort than the outward bound pulling boats. so if any of you want to do some cruising sailing of your own, check out, they are the best. adios

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